Lighting brings life to the stage

Lighting brings life to the stage

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My background in lighting

Stage lighting is not just something anyone can do, I always tell the people I train learning the console is one thing but you need to have that creative instinct to can do what we do.

I take the equipment I have access to and put my everything into it until it is perfect, no matter of the location or the artist I am doing lights for. I always work with the artist to not just use my techniques but also their techniques its still their show after all.

Busking On gandMA
  • I started learning lighting in August 2017 on the GrandMA2 console and grew from there.

  • I have shadowed talent shows such as "The Voice" to see how they do things and learn from them.

  • I have obtained my MA user training certificate in 2019.

  • Also I have programmed and operated shows in auditoriums with over 7000 people attending the event and also being broadcasted right over the entire planet


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